Motorcycle Inspiration Quotes

This page of motorcycle inspiration quotes collects together the thoughts, inspirations and encouragements that you can see on our facebook fan page at .  We don’t want to wake up when we are 80 and say, “Why didn’t I do ….”

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What do Motorcycle Inspiration Quotes have to do with you reaching your goals?

You can’t reach a dream without some action.  Repetitive action.  So get a dream, keep it fixed in your mind, and take action.  The great thing about this is that it is never too late.  I mean NEVER too late.   Get it?  Don’t say, “I’m too old”, or “I’m too busy with my little kids”, just get a dream and keep it fixed in your mind.  you will find a way to keep the daily things you have to do going while you get to where you are heading.   It appears.

Do you have a dream? Do you WANT it to happen?  Do you THINK it can happen?  Because whether you think it can, or you THINK it can’t, you are right.   You have to really want your dream, like a thing burning in the pit of your stomach (and I do not mean chicken wing stomach ache).  If you really want to reach your dreams and have something more, then contact Christi here.

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